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About Us


Haven Opticals Ltd was established in 2007 and specializes in caring for all your vision needs. We handle everything from eye exams, hard to fit contact lenses, computer vision problems, specialty lenses to low vision and blindness rehabilitation by staying current with the latest developments in eye care, prescription lenses and advances in technology. Our vision centre can provide you with the best vision advice and fit today and in the years to come.

We believe in professionalism and bring world class eye care services to our clients in an affordable manner without compromising quality. At Haven Opticals, we take pride in building lasting relationships with our patients which is why we take the time to get to know you, your vision requirements and your lifestyle needs.

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Why Haven Opticals Limited?

Best Care Taking

We treat each patient as an individual; each with their own set of specific visual and eye wear needs. Our staff enjoy helping people in their choice of glasses, and educating them on what is best for their needs.

Advanced Technology

We utilize advanced and computerized diagnostic equipments in the management of our patients. This promotes efficiency and precision in treatment giving the best results while being cost effective and time–saving.

Well Trained Professionals

At Haven Opticals, we boast of a team of experienced professionals with a combined experience of more than 28 years in eye care delivery, and dedicated staff that relate with patients in a courteous and friendly manner.