People who do not see clearly at far, at near or even at both distances may require glasses to help them see.

These errors (refractive errors) of the eye arise from improper focusing of light or images by the eye which affects how well we see.

The type and magnitude of the error however, determines the kind of glasses that is prescribed by the eye doctor.

Often times the glasses may have to be worn constantly and this may prove quite challenging to you for obvious reasons ranging from having to appear on glasses at every occasion or even the unsightly appearance of the lens thickness.

The alternative is that you can still keep your vision without those glasses on your face by switching to contact lenses.

Contact lenses are appropriate alternatives to glasses for those with spectacle wear concerns.

Contact lenses can be worn on the eye and are less noticeable unlike glasses

Contact lenses come in both clear and coloured forms adding variety to your look.

While contact lenses are not a replacement for glasses, they can well serve as good alternative to give you the much needed break from those glasses.

Ukachukwu Faith (O.D)