It is no longer news that the sectors operating on analogue technology have been encouraged to upgrade to digital technology. This is for obvious advantages of greater efficiency and to guarantee best results.

Imagine the marked difference seen between photographs taken by an analogue versus a digital camera! It is most likely the digital one would be preferred.

Eye care has advanced in instrumentation with sophistication in diagnostic tools. One of such advancement is in the novel introduction of digital retinal examination! This simple, painless and non invasive procedure gives a photo documentation of the retina (back of the eye that makes you see) reflecting a wider view of certain landmarks in the interior of the eye that is not possible with conventional methods.

The photo documentation of the retina can be used to screen and diagnose conditions like retinal tear/detachment, or even eye diseases like glaucoma, hypertensive retinopathy, and diabetic retinopathy amongst others. Furthermore, it can be referred to in subsequent examinations to compare, monitor progression of an eye disease and manage your eye health effectively to ensure that no condition goes undetected. Additionally, it aid patients in understanding the condition of the eye when reviewed with their eye doctor and can be made available to a specialist at another location anytime (even electronically) should the need arise.

It is therefore pertinent to note that digital retinal exam is an essential part of your comprehensive eye exam and is recommended for all patients at least once per year.

So when next you make that visit to your eye doctor, request for a digital retinal exam!