In our last edition, we considered “THE DOS” if we must maintain good eye health. In this write-up we shall review the “THE DON’TS”.

Here are a few simple tips to maintain good eye health: “THE DON’TS”

  • Don’t assume that all red eyes are “Apollo”. It may be the beginning of a blinding eye disease. So visit your eye doctor.
  • Don’t apply self prescribed drugs, herbs, salt, sugar, urine, breast milk, balms or any concoction directly onto your eyes as these may worsen or even cause blindness to your eyes.
  • Don’t use other people’s eye drops or medications for your eyes as they may not be the ideal treatment for you even if your symptoms are similar to theirs. Always consult your eye doctor for your eye conditions.
  • Don’t read or strain your eyes in poor dim light. Always do your visual tasks under good and adequate illumination.
  • Don’t drive at night if your eyes can not see well or without your prescriptions to avoid endangering your life and those of other road users.
  • Don’t help someone by lending him/her your eye medications or glasses. Help them to get help instead from the eye doctor
  • Don’t allow your children, family members, friends and neighbors to play with sharp objects like broom, stick, pencil, knife etc. These can cause injuries that may lead to blindness.
  • Don’t be deceived, a simple eye operation (like cataract surgery) can restore sight to that blind child, parent, friend, or neighbor. Take an active role in preventing blindness around you and consult your eye doctor for guidance
  • Don’t lose hope until you have visited your eye specialist as there are low vision aids and magnifiers available for people with visual impairment or legal blindness that can enable them maximize their functional vision and still lead independent lives.
  • Don’t visit quacks. It is costlier on the long run and unbeneficial.

It is possible to enjoy good vision throughout your lifetime, so do the needful by doing an annual check with your eye doctor.

Dr Ukachukwu F. U